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Cork Feeder race "BIG V" runs from the Solent to Cork Available

Get Ready !! Big V

Big V Sail is a fantastic new race from Portsmouth to Cork that was staged for the first time in . The Big V offers sailors an exciting new offshore race and creating an innovative and practical Cork Week feeder race for those yachts entered into the world famous Cork Week regatta

Designed as a warm up to Cork Week.The Big V Sail will set off from Portsmouth and Plymouth to skim the seas to Ireland where a party and prizes await. 2xs will depart from Portsmouth.


1000- Onwards Arrive and register, and meet up with your crew. If you haven't' already check out your boat and its moorings and make final checks for the big day.

1800- Welcome party at Tiger Tiger.

1900- Watch the footie World Cup on the big screens. Party till your skipper calls it a day.

0800 Barbecue Breakfast is served.

0945 Blessing of the boats.

1000 First yachts start heading to the start point.

1100- Confetti cannon marks the start of the race.

1pm/2pm/3pm/4pm- Staggered start times for remaining boats.
Start times are approximate only and are subject to class splits that will be determined at the discretion of the race comittee.

1900- Fastest boats expected to begin arriving in Cork.

All boats due to arrive in Cork

1800- Irish Welcome in The Admiral Drake pub in Cork

1900 Post race party and prize giving ceremony

Please contact 2xs on 07802 652 742 or email

Our "Book a Berth" events allow individuals an affordable way to get onboard a high class racing yacht & compete to the highest level in major events.

Whether its to come racing or just to say you have been onboard 2xs we hope to see you soon.

Live life 2xs - Sail 2xs !!
From the 2xs Team

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